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Thimble Berry, Rubus parviflorus

Thimble Berry or Snow Bramble, Rubus parviflorus

Thimble Berry in bloom, photographer Martha Rasmussen

Rubus is diverse and notorious genus from the Himalayan Blackberry with thorny canes reaching up to 30 feet to the more obedient Salmonberry with its pretty showy rose-scarlet blossoms.  The word "Parvus" means in Latin fewer or less than depicting that this Rubus has fewer flowers blooming per stem.  The flowers may be fewer in number but certainly not in size and can get up to 2.5 inches in diameter.  Each flower has 5 large white petals with numerous pale yellow stamens in the center.

Thimble Berry fruit, photographer Martha Rasmussen

Thimble Berries grow in thickets along roadways and trails often times reaching heights of about 8 feet.  They're often  intertwined with Salmonberry and Nootka Rose forming a hedge white scarlet and pink flowers along the forest roads.  After the petals fade and drop away sweet berries ripen to bright red, the berries are hollow in the center resembling a small thimble.  Thimble Berries begin blooming in May and bloom later in higher elevations as the snow melts.