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Silver-back, Lunina hypoleuca

Silver-back flower, photographer Martha Rasmussen

You will find Luina hypoleuca growing from rock crevices and sometimes on sheer rock cliffs where anything growing seems very unlikely.  The plants are very tolerant of dry hot conditions and can go through the growing seasons with very little water. Unusual sturdy flowers begin to bloom in late July and can range in colors from a creamy white to a custard yellow.

Silver-back growing on a rock ledge, photographer Ken Rasmussen Sr., D.C.

Hypoleuca refers to pale or whitish, thus the common name Silver-Back referring to the fact that the leaves are green above and  finely haired and pale silver color below. The flowers grow in upright clusters of 10 to 20 florets on stems about 8 to 14 inch stems.  This is a good late flower to see at both higher and lower elevations around the Darrington area.   When hiking trails with steep outcroppings keep an eye out for this unique flower.  You will see them growing along the Mount Pugh, Old Government  and the Old Road up to Goat Lake Trails