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Salmonberry, Rubus spectabilis

Salmonberry blossom, photographer Shari Brewer

"Spectabilis" means showy and that the salmonberry is, very showy and occasionally bearing doubled petals.  The Salmonberry is a relative of the Raspberry.   In springtime, starting around late April, deep rose colored blossoms begin to appear in profusion and will bloom through May and even later at higher elevations.

Green Salomonberries beginning to form, photographer Martha Rasmussen

In May and June as the petals drop away plump green berries begin to form. When mature, the berries will vary in colors from deep wine to orange, similar to the color of  salmon roe.  These sweet berries are a favorite food to both humans and the neighboring wildlife.

Plump juicy Salmonberry fruit, photographer Martha Rasmussen

The Salmonberry was a very important plant to the Native Americans who used the leaves for brewing a tea to ease female discomfort and ate the berries as well as the highly nutritious early spring chutes which were eaten during traveling and/or mixed with dried salmon roe cakes for later use.

Salmonberry canes during winter along the NF Stillaguamish River, photographer Kim Brown

When the leaves have dropped from the Salmonberry canes, the newer growth is tinged in red adding to the vibrant colors of autumn and welcome contrast on dreary winter days.