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Pacific Dogwood

Pacific Dogwood, Cornus nuttalli

The flower of the Pacific Dogwood, photographer Ken Rasmussen Sr, D.C.

Pacific Dogwood begins blooming around Darrington, Washington in April and into June at higher elevations. The petals are slightly tinged with green when young. This splendid tree can grow up to 60 feet. The original name for this tree was "Dagwood" because the very hard wood was used to make "dags" a wooden wedge.

Pacific Dogwood in bloom, photographer Martha Rasmussen

As the flower matures the flower petals become very white, then slowly fade to a light purple then to brown and drop away leaving the center of the flower which will form into scarlet berries.  In fall the leaves turn into a plum-orange color.  Several Dogwoods re-bloom in the fall making quite a spectacular show of bright white flowers, with a backdrop fall leaves and berries.  You will find Pacific Dogwoods blooming around Darrington along the scenic forest roads, trails and Mountain Loop Highway.