Lupine, Large-Leaved

Large Leaved or Big Leaved Lupine, Lupinus Polyphyllus

Large Leaved Lupine, photographer Shari Brewer

"Polyphyllus" referring to It's many leaves. Large -Leaved Lupine starts blooming in early June and will continue to bloom into July. You will see it growing along SR 530 as you come into Darrington from the west, also along our scenic  Forest Service Roads such as #2035 which takes you to Whitechuck Ridge, FS Rd #22, Cougar Hollow, FSR #49, Sloan Creek Road and Squire Pass Trail #654.
From a distance the lupine appears like a thick carpet of purple on slopes and along our roadways, be sure to have a closer look, you will notice as the flower matures, it slowly changes color.