Labrador Tea

Labrador Tea or Indian Tea, Ledum palustre

Labrador Tea flowers, photographer Shari Brewer

Labrador Tea starts to bloom in June, You will find this flower growing around the edges of lakes, swamps and bogs around the Darrington, Washington area.  This striking shrub grows 1 to 4 feet high with long-elliptical dark green glossy leaves.  The under portion of the leaves is greyish to russet color with a  woolly texture.  On the ends of the branches bear clusters of white 5 petalled flowers.

Labrador Tea has a long history as a medicinal plant, and was made into a refreshing tea, thus the name, Labrador Tea.  You will find Labrador Tea growing in Segelsen Lake along the scenic Cumberland Pass Forest Road Drive & Prairie Lake, the drainage that forms Prairie Lake Falls.