Herb Roberts

Herb Roberts, Robert Geranium, Red Robin or Stinky Bob, Geranium robertianum

Herb Roberts flower, photographer Shari Brewer

This flower is named after Robert of Moleme, eleventh-century healer and was used as a medicinal herb for cuts and other wounds. Over the years a little folklore about the English hero "Robin Hood" became associated with the name. Herb Roberts is a very hardy wildflower able to grow in damp conditions and also is very drought resistant. You will find this flower beginning to appear in May, often growing with another European immigrant, the Buttercup, or in damp conditions, Siberian Miner's Lettuce and Western Bleeding Heart.

Herb Roberts growing in a thick mat with Buttercup, photographer Martha Rasmussen

Herb Roberts is an invasive annual which was introduced to the US.  It self sows many seeds, often replanting it's self a couple of times through out the blooming season, May through August. This allows the plant to grow in thick patches with pink to red flowers and a back drop of green fern like leaves. The fragrance of both flower and foliage are quite strong which most people find disagreeable. You will find Herb Roberts growing through out the Darrington, Washington area.