Five Stamended Mitrewort

Five Stamened Mitrewort, Mitella pentandra

Five Stamened Mitrewort flower, photographer Kim Brown

The Latin name "Mitre" pertaining to the cap shaped seed pods produced by this plant which resemble a classic Bishop's Mitre, a Bishop's hat. The five stamened mitrewort is a perennial coming up from sprawling runners below the rich forest humus, each stem can bear up to a dozen flowers that are larger than a pin-head, but smaller than a thumbtack. This intricate flower deserves closer inspection from the passerby. Each tiny flower has five yellow petals centered by five thread like stamens and is a bit of the bizarre and one of the most beautiful jewels crafted by nature. You will find Five Stamened Mitrewort starting to bloom near Darrington, Washington in late May through July. This flower is a real prize to find so when hiking through moist shaded areas keep an eye out for this unique flower. A good trail to find it is the North Fork Sauk Trail and Goat Lake - Elliott Creek Trail.