Dwarf Woodland Rose

Dwarf Woodland Rose, Rosa gymnocarpa nutt

Dwarf Woodland Rose in bloom, photographer Martha Rasmussen

The Dwarf Woodland Rose is similar in appearance to the Nootka Rose, however much smaller.  The blooms of the Nootka Rose is about 3 inches across whereas the Dwarf Woodland Rose will average only 1 inch across.  These dainty flowers have bright to pale pink petals which almost fade to white centers.  In the center of the blossom is a cluster of golden stamen.  This sturdy woody shrub  rarely reaches for feet in height, thrives in full sun and often seen growing in pretty harsh conditions along with Western Columbine.  The blooming period is in June to July and later in higher elevations.  Later in summer as the flowers fade bright red rose hips begin to appear, a favorite food to birds.

There are two Backroad scenic Drives where you will see Dwarf Woodland Rose blooming, The Gold Hill Scenic Loop and Cougar Hollow.