Black Twin Berry

Black Twin-berry, Lonicera involucrata

Black Twin-berry in bloom, photographer Martha Rasmussen

The Black Twin-berry is in the Honeysuckle family.  This woody 3 to 6 foot shrub produces "twin" yellow flowers in mid-spring through late summer, and "twin" black berries follow.  The large leaves of Black Twin-berry can grow up to 5 inches long, prominently veined and slightly hairy.

Black Twin-berry fruit, photographer Martha Rasmussen

Another name for Black Twin-berry is "Fly Honeysuckle", there are several theories as to why this plant was given this common name.  Flies do pollinate the flowers, as well do butterflies and bees.Another theory is the resemblance the berries have to large black flies.

You can find Black Twin-berry growing at Texas Pond,   Peek-A-B00 Lake & Kelcema Lake